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Cryptocurrency mining is a process that verifies and adds transactions to a blockchain. This process is used by blockchain networks like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Miners are rewarded with cryptocurrency for their work. Cryptocurrency mining in its current state today is heavily reliant on graphics cards due to the fact that graphics cards far outperform CPUs in the amount of computations which can be done simultaneously due to the core count. We would recommend going with a dedicated graphics card for most cryptocurrency mining. There are graphics cards and other hardware which exists specifically for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining. For most cryptocurrency mining scenarios, you may want to go with a graphics card in the mid-range level or high-range level and also consider utilizing multiple graphics cards on the same machine. For running your operating system and other software, you will also need RAM. We recommend at least 16GB of RAM just to be on the safe side as the latest operating systems are also becoming more and more RAM intensive. However, you may need 32GB or more of RAM especially if you’re using multiple applications simultaneously. Cryptocurrency mining usually utilizes multi-core processes.. Therefore, your CPU choice should weigh both on the CPU Clock speed and the core count depending your project’s needs. We only recommend a Solid-State Drive for your operating system and programs instead of a traditional mechanical hard-drive. You can use a mechanical hard-drive as a secondary drive for storing your data if you wish.

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